Transportation links

The Mikulovsko microregion lies at the southern edge of the South Moravia region along the Czech-Austrian border. The quickest way to get here by automobile is the class one highway no. 52 Brno-Vienna. You can get here easily by train via Brno, Přerov, or Vienna, with a change of trains in Břeclav or Znojmo. Villages, towns, and tourist destinations are also accessible by bus. By bicycle you can get here on the Greenways Prague-Vienna route via the border crossing in Mikulov, or from Znojmo. From Brno cyclists travel along the Amber Trail, which continues to Vienna through the border crossing at Hevlín. The Moravian trail leads in from the northeast down the valley of the Morava River. The nearest airport is in Brno, and the closest large international airport is Vienna.,,, 

Border crossings

You can enter Austria by road at the border crossing Mikulov-Drasenhofen, or by way of the border crossings at Valtice-Schrattenberg and Poštorná-Reintal (vehicles up to 3.5 t).

You can cross the border with Slovakia via the border crossings at Lanžhot-Brodské, Břeclav-Kúty (expressway D2), or at Hodonín-Holíč.

By rail you can get to Břeclav from Bratislava or Vienna.

Crossing the border is made easier at the newly-opened crossings for traffic on foot, bicycle, horse, and motorcycles up to 50 ccm at Nový Přerov–Alt Prerau and Mikulov–Ottenthal. The crossings are open from 1 April to 31 October from 6:00 to 22:00, on the remaining days from 8:00 to 20:00.

The tourist season

The spring tourist season starts in April, when nature comes out of its sleep. The main summer season in this warmest corner of the Czech Republic lasts from July to September. At that time you can participate in water sports, go in search of history, and take part in various cultural events. The fall season lasts until November and draws mainly groups who after looking over the historic sites in the region, adjourn to the cellar to taste the new wine. The winter season lasts from December to March, and is a time for various seminars, congresses, cultural events, and of course for lovers of good wine.

Useful information for visitors

Pálava Protected Landscape Area
The movement of visitors in this area is channeled so as to avoid damage to its extraordinary natural value. The general rules for the entire protected landscape area (CHKO) are posted in the individual villages. Within the CHKO and outside it we find small-scale protected areas in which the rules are tighter. You can find these on the tables placed at the entrances to these reservations. Here we would like to point out a few main principles. Refuse should not simply be thrown on the ground; protected plants should not be picked nor protected wildlife collected; this is clear to all. Not everyone knows, however, that starting fires, sleeping in tents or in the open, or parking off the roads or parking lots are not permitted either. What applies to the entire CHKO also applies to the reservations, which also restrict movements to foot traffic on marked trails. Mountain climbers or hang gliders or parachutists must reconcile themselves to the fact that on Děvín and Stolová hora these sporting activities are prohibited.

Credit cards, currency
In the Mikulovsko microregion the currency is the Czech crown. Foreign currency can be exchanged at exchange offices or at banks. Credit cards are accepted at banks, hotels, and selected restaurants and stores bearing the logo of the accepted cards.

State holidays

1. 1. New Year
5. 4. Easter Monday
1. 5. May Day
8. 5. Liberation from Fascism Day
5. 7. Day of the Slavonic Missionaries Cyril and Methodious
6. 7. Anniversary of the burning of Master Jan Hus
28. 9. Czech Nationhood Day
Independence of the Czechoslovak State (1918)
17. 11. Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy
24. 12. Christmas Eve
25. 12. First Christmas Day
26. 12. Second Christmas Day

Significant days:
5. 5. May Uprising of the Czech People (1945)

Wine cellars
Most wine cellars do not have regular opening hours, but you can visit them and taste some wine. For larger groups we recommend asking at the Tourist Information Center in Mikulov, which will help you arrange for a visit to a cellar complete with traditional dulcimer music, expert lectures on wine, and other services.

Open cellar days (June to September).

Tourist Information Center

The folks at the tourist information centers in Mikulov and Pasohlávky will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. The information centers will help you with accommodation reservations, finding guides, and many other details that you might need.

Turistické informační centrum Mikulov
Náměstí 1, 692 01 Mikulov
tel./fax: 519 510 855

Turistické informační centrum Pasohlávky
691 22 Pasohlávky
tel./fax: 519 427 624