pavlov_1The village is situated at the foothill of Děvín, the highest peak of Pálava (550 m). Here is situated the most important National Nature Preserve Děvín, central area of CHKO. On south-eastern slopes we can find mosaic of rock steppes, under rocks is zone of typical rubble forests. Many protected species of animals and plants live and grow here.
Similarly like in neighbourhood Dolní Věstonice has Pavlov area been settled since ancient times by mammoth hunters and people have been settling here also in later periods. 
The village is firstly mentioned in the year 1046. The village became, after keep Děvičky foundation at the beginning of 13th century, its property and this originally Slavic settlement was colonized by German inhabitants.
The village was very wealthy in the past; at the beginning of the 17th century vine-yards were planted on more than the half of liege ground. The vine-yards belonged to farm-houses on the village square and wine producers who lived in Czech Street, who had their residences above wine-press houses of their wine-cellars. Local inhabitants’ wealth can be proofed by ostentatious farm houses facades; these houses bear elements of higher Baroque architecture, imitating near-by Mikulov.  

pavlov_3Wine producers houses’ frontages and interiors bear elements of Baroque architecture and also possibly Renaissance elements. The whole village with many farm and wine producer houses was in 24th May 1995 listed as preserve. 
Among listed monuments especially are the ruin of Děvičky keep and also the church of Saint Barbora which was re-build twice, Baroque village cemetery, statue of Saint Florián and the whole village square, with is rare farm-houses complex from the 18th century.       
Another complex of houses could be found in above mentioned Czech Street, 19 houses from 17th century are listed among village monuments. Such quantity of listed properties in one village is very rare in Moravian area.      
Village authorities of the past used a sealing-stick in which was pictured a tree; in its base are two fish which are crossed over the trunk, their heads pointing outwards.


Obecní úřad Pavlov
Na Návsi 88, 692 01 Pavlov
tel.: 519 515 252

Mayor: Zdeněk Duhajský
Vicemayor: Ing. Zdeněk Mikulský
Administration: Jaroslava Prágerová